Medal Motivation

I have been really unmotivated with my medal recently, I can’t get the mould right and I have tried around 10 times so when my field project came along I kinda gave it up for 5 weeks, now the deadline is just around the corner I really need to get my act together and ask for some assistance because I know that caused problems in the first year. This week I really need to focus. Today I woke up with a fresh start, I located the problems with the moulds from the previous attempts which were,

  • Size- I want my medal to be circular so I need to pour the plaster into a circular mould, and also my previous attempts were very large so I am going to make this one as small as I can.
  • Position- I need to make sure that I put the bullet in straight and that it doesn’t move when I pour the plaster.
  • Center- I should also make the bullet hole center to make it more even.

If I follow these steps I could be able to make the perfect mould. I really want to get my medal done for craft in the bay because it would be a wonderful opportunity to showcase my work in a professional environment. I was gutted to have missed the deadline for the actual BAMS competition, but hopefully I can submit next year.



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