PDP with Huw Williams

On thursday I had my termly PDP with Huw, I was very pleased with how this went. A PDP is a tutorial with a student to discuss personal matters and future goals and aspirations. I have always been indecisive with my future career and to this day I am still not too sure but with my chat with Huw I had a chance to think and discuss possible career ideas. I really enjoyed my field project ‘Faking it’ where we made props/backdrops tailored to a live brief. I loved the designing and making with a small budget and sourcing your own materials. I love being savvy and saving money so that interested me. I would like to work in theatre but I am not too sure in which area I would like to work. So my next step is to update my CV and write a cover letter and hopefully apply for some work experience. This would aid me in deciding further if I would like a career in the theatre.

My next option was to create my own jewellery, lately I have been crafting my own jewellery and selling them in craft fairs locally. I enjoy this and have made some profit, but I would like to take this further into actually making my own collection. With my new brief I have the opportunity to do so. My next step is to look at the market and design and create new and exciting jewellery which I can create and sell.

So agreed actions was to apply for work experience in the theatre and start designing and making my own collection of jewellery


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