Field (Riverscapes and sequences) 500 word reflection


I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was glad I had Riverscapes and sequences as my first field choice. I thought we were going to be working in the public realm, but I was surprised when we had to produce work reacting to the public realm. Using the Taff trail as inspiration we had to create either a one off piece or a sequence of multiple pieces. The brief was very broad so I was looking forward to getting started. Our first lesson was to walk from University in Llandaff and walk along the Taff trail ending at Cardiff Bay. I had previously walked the trail so I was aware of the journey ahead. I gathered some flowers and leaves that had fallen on the ground which I later took into the studio.

This field was very fine art and I thoroughly enjoyed it I loved experimenting with natural resources and taking them into a more technical material. For 5 weeks I was surprised that I produced a book full of work. My inspiration for the project was a fallen leaf which landed in the river and was soon swept away. I decided to collect a leaf everyday I passed the river which I would take into the studio with me and I could experiment with it. I found myself drawn to the photography studio, I loved experimenting in the dark room and creating digital/natural photographs.

I got to work with some new materials and processes like cyanotype and scanning in digital images. These were very interesting and I would use them again. Our workshops in the print rooms were good, I had worked with woodcut printing before and I really loved my outcomes for that.

My final piece of work I presented was a series of multiple copies of the same image but arranged differently. I produced a one off image of the leaves in the dark room but I felt that it needed to be duplicated, so I scanned in the image and began altering it and I ended up with this. I was pleased with my final outcome because it was very different to how I started out in the project.

For this project I received a pass and I am pleased with the feedback. I have always enjoyed a more fine art root and this project brought back my love for that.

You focused initially on the moment at which leaves fall and described your interest in the contact between technology and nature. You described how you were printing from your mobile phone through the enlarger, which produced some very interesting outcomes. It’s clear that you really enjoyed working in the darkroom, and demonstrated some good technical skills in this. The idea that cells of leaves resemble pixels, and your exploration of multiple prints to create new pattern, was strong. The final piece was really interesting to look at, underpinned by strong concept. Beyond this, you explored woodcut, cyanotype, digital prints, and the use of a pinhole camera. Concerning context, it might be a good idea to look at the work of Karl Blossfeldt. Your focus on the work of Long was relevant and good. Overall, well done.”




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