Field- Faking it (500 word reflection)

For my second 5 week field option I had ‘Faking it’. This was the field option I really wanted to have and was over the moon to get it. I have always loved the theater but I had never know what was going on before so I wanted to look further into that. We had a live brief and was working to clients. Our clients were Age Cymru and they were hosting an award ceremony and there theme was ‘Roald Dahl’, so they wanted us to create props/backdrops based on the author Roald Dahl. We were split into groups of three, In my group was another Maker and an illustrator. We then had to pick a book from a hat, we picked out George’s Marvellous Medicine. I had never read the book before so that was the first thing on my agenda. 

Our next step was to pick important references from the book to recreate. Our group got drawn to the chicken who drank the potion and grew large legs and a large neck. Our idea was to create a giant chicken which would be touchy feely so the visitors could interact with it. Another idea was to have shelves with all the ingredient bottles covering them. We would recreate the bottles and make our own labels to cover them. 

This was a good brief for group work because it was such a lot of work to do it needed all hands on deck. I was happy with my group ideas but I was nervous how we were going to work as a group to complete it. My group was slow in building our idea into a reality but we got it done in the end, me and the other maker spent our time making the chicken where as the illustrator took her time on the bottles. I didn’t see much of the illustrator as she liked to work at home so when it came to decision making it took place on social media. 

I am pleased with the overall result and I am so happy to have achieved it in so little time. I have worked with materials I wouldn’t normally work with like fabric, paper mache and wire. We had lots of tutorials and they were helpful but not 2 every week, one every week would have been enough because I wanted to crack on and complete my work. I loved our visit to the Millennium centre down Cardiff Bay because it inspired me in my practice and gave me something to aim for. I was really pleased with my results we had a pass. I was also very pleased because Bethan mentioned the spraying of the bucket silver which was my idea. I chose to do that because we tailored an ordinary bucket to our needs which I think they do a lot of in the Prop and set design industry. I really enjoyed this project and I hope to experience working in the prop design/set design industry more. I hope to do some more work experience in the summer. 


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