Faking it: Presenting our final outcomes.

We transported the chicken using a trolley because of the weight of the sand/gravel. We timed our set up and it didn’t take too long maximum of 10 minutes. We found a table to lay the bottles which Becky made on and put it in front of the chicken. I am pleased with our outcomes, Our chicken worked really well and was wacky and touchy feely which was what we wanted on our initial idea. The bottes becky made were wacky and sat in front of the chicken and fitted right in. We will need to make/source another table/shelf for the bottles to stand on. We had no problem with setting up, it was quick and easy. Our chicken and bottles were in the middle of the room and could be positioned anywhere in that room. We filled out a risk assessment form for our chicken. There wasn’t many issues the main few were:

  • Could poke someone’s eye out
  • Wire frame could poke through
  • The chicken could fall over and so could the bottles.
  • Chicken is flammable.

We made sure the structure was sturdy and the chicken was soft enough to not injure anyone if it was to fall.

I am pleased with the result and can’t wait for the final exhibition in the Marriot.

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