Faking it: Making Process Wednesday+Thursday

After the second layer was on the frame we added another layer for the wings and began to cut strips of fabric to layer on to the chicken. Our idea was to sew that onto the chicken but we had very limited time so we got the glue gun and started attaching the strips with glue.

We then cut out square patches from the fabric and started making a patchwork effect for the rest of the chicken. The fabric was found in the textile lab and I found some swatches which were used. The textures of the fabric was great, it achieved out touchy feely idea, which we wanted for the guests to come and interact with.

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The last thing was the bucket, I bought some silver spray paint and a laundry bucket which would resemble the pot George mixed his medicine in. We sprayed the paint on and let dry, we then emptied the sand/gravel into the pot and inserted out chicken in. The sand and gravel was to support the chicken but also helped to fill the bucket out. We layered brown fabric over the gravel to resemble the medicine and added a wooden spoon which George would have used in the book to stir the medicine.



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