Faking it: Making process Monday+Tuesday

The final week was the hardest week, it was a mad rush to finish our idea. The first job was to finish the wire frame, Spot welding took a lot longer than what we thought it would be. It was tedious more than difficult, trying to spot weld at awkward angles was difficult but we got there in the end. We finished our frame on tuesday morning, we then needed to layer on the stuffing and sew on the fabric.

On initial idea was to use metal tubes to slot over the wooden legs so that they could be detachable and portable for transport. We had an issue with having our materials deliver in university so we had to source them ourselves. We tried to make fixings so the wood could slot into them but the metal wasn’t attaching to the frame so we had to ditch that idea and we ended up using wire guides which were hidden in the leg frame. The wooden legs stayed and was successful in holding the frame up.

Next was attaching the stuffing, we cut the sections off and glued them onto the frame using a glue gun. We made sure that the stuffing was well covered and had 2 layers on. This made sure the wire couldn’t poke through.

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