Field- Faking it (1)

I had my first class on Faking it today, where we were given a presentation on the project by Beth Gordon. We will be working on a live brief for the company Age Cymru. Age Cymru have an award ceremony each year and they have a theme each year which coincides with that. This years theme is Roald Dahl as this year he would have been 100 years old. They want us to make a prop/backdrop related to one of his books to decorate the room.

In my group we have Carter who is a Maker and we also have Rebecca who is an illustrator. We then had lucky dip to pick one of Roald Dahl’s books. We picked out George’s Marvellous medicine. None of my group had read the book so we decided that was on the agenda firstly. There was also a series of the book where Rik Mayall read out the book on Jackanory accompanied by some illustrations.

I read the book last night and the plot goes a little something like this:

George has a Grandma who isn’t very nice, she teases him about her having magic and eating bugs, so George thinks she is a witch. 4 times a day Grandma has to take her medicine, but George is unsure why she takes it as she is still as mean after she takes it as she was before, so he decides to make his own medicine for her and uses household items and pours anything in a giant saucepan and boils it up. When he gives it to Grandma she grows and shoots through the house.

When George’s parents come home they see Grandma’s head in the roof, His mother Mrs Kranky nearly faints but his father Mr Kranky is amazed and wants George to feed the potion to the animals in his farm. He tests on the chicken and it grows huge! Mr Kranky is so impressed and wants George to make another but George forgets all the items he has put in so they go around the house and finds the empty bottles.

Mr Kranky goes to the shop and buys all the ingredients but when he brews the medicine again and tests it on another chicken the chicken’s neck grows and nothing else so they try again and this time only the chicken’s legs grow, so they try again and it makes the chicken shrink. Then Grandma rudely interrupts asking for a cup of tea. They refuse as the medicine was not tea but she ignores it and drinks the whole cup! The next thing to happen was Grandma began to shrink and didn’t stop shrinking until she disappeared.

Some of the ideas we had was to make these mutant chickens and make them touchy feely so the viewers could interact with them, we also wanted to include the potions somehow and we wanted to create a backdrop to go alongside our chickens.

In our next class we will discuss our ideas further and start to sketch up some ideas. Also one person from our group will visit the Marriott Hotel, to see what space we have to work with and they will report back to the group.


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