Light Project Tests

Today I started to explore design and material. I was happy with the pattern I drew up as it was a contemporary way to show natural materials which were bark/tree/branches but I did think it could have been better as it wasn’t a continuous pattern. In my Field group ‘Riverscapes and Sequences’ we explored the river and had to produce an outcome responding to nature using sequence and or pattern. Here was my result:


I really loved the pattern and the contemporary style it shows. I decided I would like to use this in my light project as it really fitted in to the criteria of what I was looking for, Natural feel mixed with a business contemporary approach. I then tested the pattern out on some illuminative paper. Firstly I started off with paper but the pattern was too dark and the paper too thick to get a great result so I tried plastic film.

The results were awful the ink just sat on the film as it didn’t have anywhere to sink in, and also if I were to make this into the light you would be able to visibly see the animals behind making it not a surprise. I then tried grease proof paper which I found in the kitchen (expecting the same results as the plastic film).

The results were amazing it did take a little longer for the ink to dry than paper but I was pleased as it wasn’t translucent and the pattern printed out quite well. My next sample will now to be make to scale a prototype, and I need to start exploring with the pop up way to bring my animal to life.




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