Light Project

For my light idea I wanted to stay to the recyclable theme, that included materials/ process. For the materials I was a unsure of what to use. It needs to be thing and luminous for the light to shine through. I also wanted to add a surprise feature where it would change the light that had a modern and contemporary feel into something a bit more relaxed and which brought nature into the home, so I wanted to add wildlife creatures into the light. I wanted it to be a multiple use light, so the contemporary bark design would be the formal, business light and then you would switch it onto the informal relaxed light with the animals shadows peering through. Before Christmas period my ideas looked a little something like this:


I was happy with my idea but I was unsure what materials to use for the light and how the light could switch/alternate between the two functions without spoiling each others. I had some inspiration then when we had a group assessment and when I shared my ideas to the group they bounced  off a few ideas.

Some ideas for the material could be:

  • Paper (Handmade/bought)
  • Porcelain
  • Lasercut wood
  • Vacuumed formed acrylic
  • Rice paper
  • Illuminative paper

In the next few weeks I shall be exploring ideas using these materials. The next thing was how could I switch lights without affecting them both. An Idea that was raised was how about a pop up animal which when pulled/pushed would pop up and down changing the lights. I will need to explore this further as I found that to be an interesting idea.





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