Etching on to Acrylic

I started to experiment with acrylic over Christmas and I found some ideas of processes I would like to use in regard to medal making. Firstly I was looking at glass etching where I could create a stencil and brush on the etching cream, so without researching I went and bought some off the internet.


So I made a stencil just to test and brushed some on, but it wouldn’t dry or set so when I read the small print on the bottle it did say “Will not etch plastic” so I moved away from that idea quite quickly.

My next idea was to carve into the surface of acrylic using a craft knife to create the linear version of the shattered glass effect. Here were my results :


I was happy with the results because it showed the line work to a delicate effect without actually breaking the acrylic. To make the line work a bit more visible I used acrylic paint and pressed it into the cracks, which seemed to work well, I used black and white.

My next step though is how am I gonna drill a hole through without snapping the acrylic and making it look untidy, and if all that is possible can I regain the smooth/shiny glass like quality which I need.



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