Field Final Ideas

My interests initially came from the leaves I have found on the trail, and from that walk I had collected a leaf every week to experiment on in the workshops. From the found leaf I picked up I documented it by photographing it on my phone.

From that I went into the darkroom and experimented with printing from my mobile onto photographic paper. Here were some of the results.

From the results I decided I really loved the negatives because they showed the leaves and the veins really well, and I really loved the pixelated looking veins. So using an image I had taken I turned it into a negative and zoomed in to capture the pixel effect veins of the leaves. Here is the result.


I then started to play around with it, I loved it as a singular image but then I thought it could be repeated to create a sequence. So I then played around with the idea of having a repetitive pattern.


I loved the symmetry between the images, so I think this would be the final piece, I could repeat it even more and see how it would look? The pattern looks digital what I hoped to capture but also still has the natural look, like the repetitiveness, it reminded me of a butterfly’s wing.



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