2nd Attempt of alginate mould

Because the first mould moved when I was pouring the plaster, I had to start all over and these were the results of my 2nd attempt. This time I used plasticine to make a wall around the mouth so that the alginate wouldn’t run and then become thin. I used my mum as a model this time because I struggled last time in having to mix and pour the mould onto my own mouth. I still stuck with the sponge and the pen lid in the mouth to bite on because that seemed to work well on the previous casting. When the alginate was set, I pealed it off and using the remaining plasticine I made a flat base for the mould to sit onto. and then I poured plaster into the mould. The results were better than the last mould but the mouth was further apart than I wanted to I will have to attempt it again and ask my mum to bite onto the bullet a bit more.


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