Using Alginate and making a plaster mould

Because I wasn’t entirely happy with my moulds I made for my bite the bullet medal, I decided to start them again but this time using different processes. I found the formative assessment to be very helpful as my peers and my tutor guided me on how I could go about my medal.


I bought some dental alginate online because I would be using it to take a mould inside of my mouth. I have never worked with alginate before so I found it helpful to watch a youtube how to do video before. I also decided to use my mouth as a model for the first test.

For the bullet shape I used a pen lid roughly the same size as a bullet. I also placed a sponge in my mouth just incase of any alginate dripping down my throat. The first test went wrong as I couldn’t stop laughing, and my mould was misshapen and didn’t capture what I needed.

The second test worked much better so I quickly cast that into plaster. Here was the outcome-12277083_10204922385408659_2052659408_n

I was happier with this one but I still would like to have captured my bottom teeth. I think it’s because I have smaller bottom teeth and a thicker lip so it would be hard to capture the angle I wanted. I also should have thought about where I put my mould because it moved during the plaster casting and I didn’t get a true mould.


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