My First Craft fete as a Stall holder

On Saturday I finally got to experience running my own stall and selling my own products. I had been working hard all summer crafting earrings and saturday was a chance to show off my work and make some money selling my earrings.  I was so lucky as my dad had made a beautiful white sweet cart for my sister’s wedding and I got to borrow it for my display. That was a bonus because it attracted customers in.



My stall looked fantastic and I was so proud how it all came together. I got down to the location an hour before it was open to the public and I had plenty of time to set up. I had help from my family, My dad and my uncle were carrying and lifting, and my sister accompanied me through the shift. I did well considering it was my first time. I made my money back for the stall fee and I made money on top of that which is amazing. For the money I received it was equal to me working a 6 hour shift in work so I was very pleased. I hope to do another one before Christmas.



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