Heidi Hinder

For my medal project I was advised to look at Heidi Hinder as inspiration, so I came across her medal ‘Money no Object’ and at first glance I was unsure of what it entailed but when I watched the video and read more into it I found it to be a very clever idea. The idea of having contactless for money is a strange concept to me because I am quite traditional and like the idea of having money as an physical object which you can keep a hold of and then give away. But I also love the idea of having a more physical connection between the shopkeeper and the customer. I think this relates to my medal due to the title, the idea of ‘it says what it does on the tin’ which is strange for me because I do like the hidden concepts behind art but I do have the history of the meaning behind mine. Money no object I think looks more towards the future and taking the contactless credit cards further but still maintaining the physical contact between shopkeeper and customer.

I also really loved her financial growth piece, I think it has the shock factor and reveals the hidden transferred DNA between money and humans.





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