The Many Guises of the Absurd- Week 4 notes

This lesson for the first half of the lesson we had critical thinking and writing basics, here are some of my notes from that lesson. I found that lesson very helpful because it’s always nice to recap on what we need to include in our essays and what they look for when marking.

Notes on Critical thinking and writing.

An essay is an academic argument which attempts to persuades the reader, and in order to do this effectively you need certain components. Make sure you back a claim with evidence.

Promise+Claim+Attempt to persuade=Argument


facts need to be sound and found from reliable sources. In the summary you will need to repeat the key points and not make new claims, end of paragraph/chapter do not attempt to persuade. Put forward your own ideas not someone else’s, but use their ideas to back yours up. Needs to end with a conclusion. Don’t rant. You should be looking at radio broadcasts/newspapers/weekly magazines/lectures/films and tv documentaries as sources. If the url on a website ends in then that means it is a uk academic webiste which is ok to use and also the american version which is .edu. Avoid blogs. Use Google scholar. And if you are struggling there is always a help service available.

After that lesson we had tutorials in groups. I found this very helpful as I wasn’t too sure of what I could have done my essay on and after a chat with the group and with Jayne I had a rough idea.


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