Riverscape and Sequence-Cyanotype Printing Workshop

Cyanotype Printing

Firstly you need to coat paper you want to use in the cyanotype 1-2 thin coats using a paintbrush (in the dark room) and let dry for 20 minutes or until dry.

Collect objects or use accertate with photographs on or drawn on, to create a cyanotype print. I used leaves/flowers I found on the walk. lay the found materials on the ultraviolet machine and place the paper with the cyanotype face down on the machine.

Shut the machine and clip it shut. Set the timer to 7.30 minutes and wait for the vacuum to start. After it finishes wash off your print under running water.

Here are my results, I used objects Ā I had found which worked well and I also drew on to accertate and that was also successful. I loved the brush strokes because they showed up when I had thought I had covered the surface but it brought a textural element to the work.


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