Medal Update

When I have had free time in between field I have been at the computers to try and trace an image of shattered glass so I can laser cut onto plastic/acrylic, but I have had a lot of problems along the way. I am generally awful on the computers anyway so I have been slow, but when I did get around and trace an image on photoshop when I went to import it into illustrator it became invisible and I couldn’t figure out why. So the next step is to either try again and using the pen tool draw around the image on illustrator/photoshop or even trace the image by hand and scan it into the computer and hopefully this time it will be clearer to make an outline. As for my mouth with bullet I think I will recreate it using alginate as I can pick up greater detail, the only issue with that is how can I avoid getting the alginate from pouring down my throat. I think I will need to make a mouth piece. These are my next steps to ensure I will have a final medal by Christmas.


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