Riverscape and Sequence Introduction part 1 (11.30-1)

I had my first field lesson on Riverscape and Sequences course. We all had to meet up in the photostudio at 11.30am on the 10th of november, I wasn’t sure what to expect because it was such a long time ago when I picked my field options that  I had totally forgot what I had picked. In the first lesson we met our tutors, ‘Sue and Chris’ and they gave a quick presentation of some work that related to the brief, which was very helpful because it was a good starting point to the brief. Sue showed us some artists who worked in different mediums but had all the same influence which was nature and the river. Chris showed us images of multiple sequences and just one image, and described the difference and how this would be useful in how we present our work. They then went over the brief and spoke a little about our study trip which we were going to after the break.


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