Riverscape and Sequence Introduction part 1 (1-4pm)

The next part of the day was a trip to Cardiff Bay from Llandaff, by walking following the river, this was to influence us and for us as a starting point for project. Along the journey we was told to take photos, draw if you wanted and take in the surroundings. As an added bit of fun we were asked to pick up something along the way in which we found to be interesting. I hadn’t been down the taff trail all the way to the bay before so it was interesting to see new surroundings. Along the way I was talking to my friend so I was dipping in and out of the surrounding area. I was interested in the way the rain was falling on the river and how high the river was due to the heavy rain.


I also found interest in one vine which was drooping in the water and how it was fighting the current.


I also took some videos to document my journey-

From this I will start to research artists who work with the same inspiration and who use mixed media. I will also start to think of ideas and experiment with mixed medias.


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