Design sheet and Book work.


On my design sheet I have included my design idea, how the product goes together and what materials I will be using. I added some design features and my priced up light fixtures I would need.

I am pleased with my design sheet but I think I need to photo shop my product into the home. I also haven’t added a scale so I would need to think about that.

Here is some of the pages I have taken from my book because I have done most of my research and sketches in there.

12179244_10204808015349479_1013786138_n 12179915_10204808029589835_2034873371_n 12180097_10204808015989495_1223533199_n 12192816_10204808015589485_25660835_o 12194391_10204808015549484_83656724_o  12205060_10204832390918853_251609818_n 12211304_10204832390718848_893495120_o12197288_10204808015189475_748825712_o


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