Medal making update

After the 24 hours I peeled away the silicone off the board and pulled away the clay barrier, I then used a scalpel to remove and unwanted pour overs made from the mold making process, I then gently removed my clay sculpted version and I only broke on of them, so I could salvage it. I then cleaned up any left over clay using a paintbrush and water.


I think I am ready to pour my pewter, I had a chat with Huw to see what was the best way I could pour it, because I think I will have an issue because I haven’t joined them up correctly. So where my bullet will go through the middle it doesn’t touch, so when I pour the pewter it will meet in the middle, so I will have to cut that bit out and clean up the edges. Huw said that would be the best way I could do it because  the other option was to pour the sides separately and pin them together afterwards but that would be a fiddly process and wouldn’t look that effective.

So my next step is to have a word with Martin and see If that will be the best option, and I can go ahead and cast my medal, I then can begin to clean, polish it, and add my bullet.


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