Light Project- Researching materials.

I started researching lanterns to see what material they are made from because I want to use a similar material because I really want that opaque effect. After looking at the traditional lanterns compared to the new ones, there wasn’t much difference. Old traditional lanterns use oiled rice paper and the newer modern lanterns either use crepe paper or oiled rice paper.Ā 12211304_10204832390718848_893495120_o

I started to research some LED lights for my light because I will be using two sets, I needed a panel light and some sort of light source to illuminate the front without getting in the way of the silhouette behind.

After some research I decided to go with a LED Panel light behind, and a wire frame with LED strip lights attached to it. Using LED’s it would helpful because they have a less heat source so I can work with paper without having the fear of it setting alight.



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