Light Maquette

Making me light maquette, I decided to use paper as that will be the main material for the light shade. For the shape I wanted it to be simplistic because the detail on the shade itself was hectic and if I added a crazy shape it wouldn’t look that professional more of a mess.


Next I added side panels with the same design on as on the front. I made C shapes and stuck them to the sides. I then drew a animal silhouette for the creature element, so I drew a squirrel, because I would using woodland creatures inside as the relaxed night feature. I then tested it with one of my wall lights in my house to see if my maquette worked and this was my result.


I think it looked great, judging from this I think it would be great if I could add a different colour for that natural feel. maybe a orange, which could simulate an autumn feel. So from that I need to think of what type of light sources I will need to use.

12077201_10204832300476592_863056334_n 12202234_10204832300676597_120400536_n 12171879_10204814377748535_1280026438_o


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