Making the mould for my medal.

This morning I spoke to Martin about making a mould to pour pewter in for my medal. He advised me to first clean up my medal and make sure they join together. So using my clay tools I neatened up the edges and married up the two sides together.


The next step was to make a barrier around to be able to pour the silicone in and for it not to pour out the sides. so I had to make a clay backing circle to bring the medal closer from the ground to get a better overall shape of the medal. I also then had to leave a gap to make a lip so I could just peal my clay away from the surface, when the mould had set.


I then had to surround my medal with a plastic ring and then surround that with more clay, just in case of leakage. Martyn then got the materials out to make the silicone mould. I needed to add 32 drops of hardener to 200ml of the silicone liquid. I then spent a few minutes mixing the droplets in and then I poured my silicone on top of my clay medals. I now need to wait 24 hours before I can peal away the clay.



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