Delight in Light – Researching natural forms

For my light I wanted to look at Plant/tree forms so I decided to take a trip down my local forestry to get some imagery and some ideas.

Here are some of the photographs I took.

12166716_10204774648195321_433110010_n 12167086_10204774647475303_1023138716_n 12167180_10204774647075293_1517682784_n 12168006_10204774648795336_618164201_n  12176368_10204774647755310_1852843232_o 12177355_10204774647635307_946290368_o 12178128_10204774649235347_664132167_n12171564_10204774647955315_1708803372_o

This fallen tree really inspired me in way the forms lay, I loved the stubs where someones come along and cut/trim the branches off. I would love to create something similar in my light creation.

I also want to research bark of the tree under a microscope to see the cells or the micro bugs. So I brought some bark home with me, it was rotting and falling off the tree. Here are the photographs of those findings.

11990129_10204774650355375_1843976299_o 12169498_10204774650595381_365634501_o 12171515_10204774649915364_1595985219_o


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