Ceramic modelling

On Tuesday after our group meeting we had a class with Claire Curneen, she gave us a modelling class. I found it helpful because after her tutorial of how to create a birds wing, she helped us with our modelling one to one. I showed her my work I had started previously and she showed me how I should have started and from that I found it easier to create my wolf. I found it difficult to keep to a reasonably small scale. and she said I should always draw into the clay to draw up the scale first. Here are some of the photos of my clay modelling.


Where I started with the sheep first she said it was best to start with the wolf because it was the  main focal point. So I scrapped that one and started again, and it has been going well here it is so far.

12064224_10204754419929627_1612459925_n 12167181_10204754419769623_1896708490_n

Next I need to work on the nose more and how I can model sheep’s wool. My next step is to work on my main medal.

I have started taking some photos from life for my ‘Bite the Bullet’ medal. so I can get images from every angle which would be easier for when I come to model my medal.

12165901_10204754418449590_1715972925_n 12166039_10204754418649595_314169485_n 12167490_10204754420369638_1756533945_n


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