Bams Project :- Ideas/drawings

Using Old fashioned phrases and proverbs as a theme I created a few ideas from researched phrases. Here are my first initial idea sketches.


The two ideas that really stood out was ‘bite the bullet’ and ‘A wolf in sheep’s clothing’. So I took these ideas further and I researched the original meanings of the phrase.

Bite the Bullet has a historic meaning linked to the war when a patient would have to clench a bullet in his or her teeth as a way to cope with extreme pain of a surgical procedure. I know the phrase today to have a meaning of take a chance and go for it, to do something that is unpleasant. So I wanted to create a literal mouth clenching a bullet and the bullet going through and coming out at the back. On the back I would like to incorporate some gun violence statistics in America, due to the recent mass killing in a school. So when the bullet comes through I want it to be a wound, with the statistics written around it. I want to make it out of pewter as I want a polished effect which almost looks surgical.


The next idea I want to create is ‘A wolf in sheep’s clothing’ I wanted to create a literal sense of that and on the opposite side of the medal I wanted to create a contemporary version of a wolf in sheep’s clothing and I stuck to the same theme as my bullet medal so I thought about someone carrying a gun, being a danger but looking normal being. Here is my initial sketch and a few other drawings I was asked to make to research into the animals forms.

12092230_10204725366403307_622923949_n 12071403_10204725363763241_1939855961_n 12067805_10204725365243278_230548788_n

The next step would to model these ideas into clay, and this will start after I have had my modelling workshop on Tuesday.


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