Summer Project Brief

As you prepare yourself for Level 5 and a more personal specialism – a summer project will help you align your thinking.

Summer Project:

1. To make a folder of 15 images, with text, that you can talk to in depth as to what is contemporary craft, contemporary design & contemporary art.

In your choice of chosen examples consider what you are responding to and why, and does it have a relationship to your own work, and how?

Are you looking at concepts, materials or function of the work?

Try to get your information first hand from going to museums, galleries and if possible craft fairs and design shows.

As well as identifying inspirational and innovative work in these areas – consider the showcasing of that work and where it is positioned. What is being used to showcase it and how is this effective and apt?

You may wish to focus on a single object or a series, an exhibition installation or performance but something from each discipline to interrogate further. Ask yourself a whole host of questions to include.

o Why has it been made?

o How has it been made?

o Who is it for?

o What is made of?

o What is it value? Both monetary as well as its status in the world.

o What is its function?

o Is this a one off, or part of a series or family of objects or work?

o What is its social, historic or political impact or importance?

2. Then to be able to contextualise where you may find or show work please research events such, as and be able to talk about, Collect, 100% Design and Tent as well as others. What makes these events important or significant? What do they present and to whom they are pitching, who is the audience? What are the purpose and the possible benefits of being involved in such events? Imagine you are showcasing at these events – what might you have to consider?

In your first tutorials back we would like to talk to you about your understanding of the potential avenues you might explore for your own work.

This year we will be looking at live briefs and competitions and opportunities to show your work – its all preparation for your life as a creative practitioner. This enquiry can also begin to inform your Field choices. Your Field modules are a great opportunity to make for a holistic experience in your second year rather than as something disparate or separate.

You have had a great first year and next year we have a full and challenging programme, with lots to look forward to – you will cover a lot of ground!

Have a great summer.

Exhibitions in London include:

Keep an eye out for local exhibitions as well as in London and revisit this website as things will change or come on board during the summer.


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