1st Local Gallery Visit to Giles Gallery Pontyclun.

I first started at Giles Gallery, as this is the closest gallery to my home. This gallery is made up of mostly local artists within South Wales and including Beth Giles who is the artist that runs the shop. There were many things to catch my eye, lots of things handcrafted out of driftwood by Tony Giles, and illustrative prints all around but one thing that really caught my attention was a miniature row of houses crafted from wood. This sculpture had been made by Val and Steve Williams. The three houses stood in a row one separated by a garden and a small washing line made out of wire and scrap of fabric. The houses were not detailed but had a rustic feel to them. I loved them but I didn’t feel it could be suitable enough for my own folder.

I then came across another artist called Elwyn Thomas who lived locally in the Rhondda. I found his work to be incredible it captured the valleys perfectly. The medium he worked with is mostly acrylic, water colour and mixed media. I wrote down his name in my note book so I could research him later. Her is an example of his work. This piece is called ‘Rhondda Courting Couple’.

I loved the swirling shaped and the everlasting houses in the distance. I am not going to start my folder yet until I have visited all of the galleries I have listed even more.


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