Exhibition, Results and an Overview of the 1st year

Just a round up of the first year, Firstly my exhibition went well, lots of people turned up and viewed all of the makers show. Here are some of the images of my work from the exhibition.

11652215_10205841099699450_1916052715_n 11667986_10205841099339441_220206047_n 11692907_10205841099579447_1037130172_n 11692981_10205841099219438_1785467859_n 11694250_10205841099379442_1194012331_n

The next step was having our results back. I was pleased with my subject results as I really enjoyed that project and would have loved to continue it further with the advice and feedback I was given as a stepping stone. With my field project I knew in my heart that I wasn’t going to receive a good grade because the feedback was so true. I struggled loads and I didn’t have the confidence to ask for help and bug people into getting what I wanted. If I had more time I think it would have helped as I suffer with the pressure of deadlines. I am just glad I passed first year and hopefully I can continue working over the holidays with my creative abilities and perhaps work on another project so I can keep my mind active. I am so happy to have passed first year, even though it was a struggle, I really enjoyed it, to thrive in such a creative environment is truly rewarding and next year I hope to work harder and get involved more as hopefully this will give me some well needed confidence. Bring on second year!


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