Perspex Puddle (drawing interesting things and places)

So I gave my puddle some thought and I have decided I wanted to draw interesting things I found in the city location mainly in Womanby street in Cardiff. When I was on location there I was given tasks to draw interesting things I had found, which I really enjoyed. So I revisit that and do some drawings which I thought I could trap then into my perspex puddle. So here are the drawings I had started which was mainly mono tone because I didn’t want it to clash with the acrylic prints. I drew things I had found hidden and to me they were beautiful.


I then layered my sketches on top of one sheet of perspex and it started to look familiar. It then reminded me of the window I found it Womanby street which was plastered it stickers all just layered on top of another and all peeling off and it was very urban. I thought I could use that as an influence for my work.


11348995_10204065010214815_1093136435_n 11418252_10204065010254816_65762881_n Β 11426627_10204065009054786_681802543_n

I then played around withe the drawings to see which positions worked best and then I added the top layer. I really liked the effect it made because it had inspiration from the graffiti and more from the stickers. I felt that it would fit in very well in womanby street.

11421623_10204065009094787_1342337334_n 11426476_10204065010094812_77784037_n 11418230_10204065010334818_316938404_n 11414530_10204065009134788_132651308_n 11351373_10204065010294817_1773428954_n 11329607_10204065009934808_2098054327_n 11267125_10204065010374819_20184491_n 1903095_10204065009894807_294888995_n


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