Perspex samples

I cut out some shapes in perspex to resemble puddles using a jigsaw. I cut out two sets out the plastic to sandwich together so I could trap things and layer them in between. After I cut them out I sanded the edges to neaten them up. After I cut the samples out I began to test my stencils with acrylic paint and they came out really well and clear. If there was any imperfections I could simply scrape away excess paint. I experimented with different coloured paint and I noticed that the effect was very similar to graffiti and in Womansby there was lots of graffiti, so I could use that effect. The next step is what can I trap into the glass I started testing with an old train ticket and it made a really interesting collage effect which I liked so I could pick up things found that area to trap.

11124912_10204052651465854_1983893175_n 11289832_10204052651185847_150442682_n 11329020_10204052651145846_54736847_n 11351462_10204052651305850_1582854593_n 11358760_10204052651385852_1139971815_n Ā Ā 11418308_10204052651425853_209847852_n 11421528_10204052651345851_655110675_n 11425869_10204052651065844_1645485634_n11358776_10204052651105845_471602215_n

11118126_10204055760903588_2061888242_n 11208699_10204055760823586_1252420189_n 11291253_10204055760943589_297825411_n 11356158_10204055760863587_1527116819_n 11358843_10204055760783585_1959471060_n


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