Puddle Idea

Moving on from my glass puddle Idea I have come to realize that I don’t have the time and material to make my initial idea of the glass puddle, so I will be using pvc plastic as a back up. I will be testing some samples on this and hopefully I can continue with the glass in the future and make my final puddle. This benefits me as I have the material and tools to hand to create this and I can trap much more materials between the panels without them burning away in the kiln.

I began to test paints on the pvc to see which ones were the best to paint my stencils on. To see if my stencils were effective I first done a test using blow pens on to paper and here are the results. I think they worked very well I just hope the paints will be as crisp as these outcomes.

1545211_1841162619442588_5807188136468831483_n17187_1841162586109258_6149271918074973251_n  10438307_1841162642775919_3089661344521256292_n 11390070_1841162609442589_4060671047668276541_n 11393266_1841162599442590_8041962730553180486_n

I tested acrylic paint on the pvc to see how it would work out and to see if it would chip off and it worked rather well. It was easy to apply on to the pvc using the stencil and it didn’t chip of or rub away easy. Also these paints can be mixed to create more colour options. It also captured the texture of the sponge which i used to sponge the paint on top of the stencil.


My next step is to measure up the pvc and cut out matching puddle shapes then test how I could trap materials between them and seal the layers.


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