Glass Puddle – Moving on

I have started making more stencils in which I would test the glass paint on top to see if they would come out clearly but I have been having trouble gaining access to the material and all the resources, earlier this week I went to visit the glass tutor to see if could work on my glass samples but he said I couldn’t do it, as he was busy because of the final show stress. I was annoyed and disappointed. So I will try again this week whilst the show is up but I’m not banking on it. In the mean time I have window glass and plastic around the house so I could test on them but then again I don’t have the right paint to test with. This is difficult now because I don’t have much time left and have been very busy with other projects, visiting places and work, I am finding it difficult to juggle all my projects with everyday life, next time I must remember to get started n samples as soon as I think of them rather than leaving it too late.


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