Clay Imprints of Pot holes.

This week for my field projects I went into the city and took some imprints of potholes I found using clay and here are the outcomes. Most of the potholes I had found were quite shallow and was full of stones, and these are the outcomes from that. They pattern was very interesting the way the stones indented the clay and formed the bumpy areas. I hope to fire these samples and use these slump molds for my glass puddles.

10150956_10204018450730857_885893819_n 11118730_10204018447570778_216399176_n 11124206_10204018451610879_967922645_n 11267418_10204018450530852_1071924447_n 11297690_10204018450130842_2058828260_n 11328915_10204018447690781_1056657701_n 11328961_10204018449850835_1975953668_n 11329003_10204018449970838_2087068124_n 11350150_10204018448530802_244577304_n 11354832_10204018451890886_1003232249_n 11354998_10204018450290846_1175029673_n


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