Abstract Skyline triptych Idea

For my postcard samples I added some strength and structure into them by gluing wooden structures in to secure the piece even more and to help the tension and to keep the piece together without it falling apart. I really liked the first two but the last one I added layers and the outcome wasn’t as strong as the others because the layers got lost in the abstract background, I think that probably work better on a larger scale. Here are the results.

11267715_10204018445690731_380162058_n 11287426_10204018445050715_833224865_n 11289879_10204018446650755_277803444_n 11303485_10204018446810759_29058459_n 11304547_10204018446290746_1426127757_n 11328833_10204018447090766_428252298_n


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