Paper Houses Lit Up

Yesterday night I waited till it got dark and lit up my houses using battery powered LED’s, The outcome was lovely but was hard to capture on camera so I think I need to use brighter lights maybe using electricity. That should make the lights brighter and then make the houses easier to photograph in such a dark surrounding, I am also having trouble thinking of how I can display my houses and make the look to the best of their ability. I think I shall take a few in to display and also photograph the whole of them to also display next to it. I shall have to test the brighter lights first and then make up my mind when it comes to displaying my work.

11150931_1833285646896952_8392664290277870788_n 11251447_10203934180624157_1119257431_n 11253774_10203934180664158_1004708851_n 11258977_10203934181184171_1302130723_n 11304025_10203934180384151_371928542_n (1) 11304025_10203934180384151_371928542_n 11334711_10203934180544155_1851565469_n 11350388_10203934180864163_1765048215_n


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