Abstract City-scapes Test Samples

For my subject project the next step was to test out some smaller samples and test depth and layers. These are the outcomes.

11225540_10203934932162945_1507275445_n 11258606_10203934931242922_1360519007_n 11261075_10203934932002941_165089209_n 11271268_10203934930802911_1069025810_n 11280501_10203934930522904_398736416_n 11292687_10203934930562905_1314154380_n 11349997_10203934930482903_366560932_n 11354687_10203934930682908_1641202501_n

I found the results to be quite satisfying, I really liked the single layered ones. I think they stood out quite well. My only issue was the layered and depth effect wasn’t the outcome I was hoping for, the extra layer added weight and therefore made the layers slump over and flop forward. I think once in a frame it wouldn’t be to bad. Also because of the small scale I was unable to put lights in, it just looked out of place. I think I will be sticking with the larger scale but keeping these samples for the sides.


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