Finished House Making


For my subject project I have made 12 houses related to my local area which I will be lighting up using LED’s. Hopefully when lit up the light will flood through the windows and doors of the house and also through the holes on the back forming the constellations. I chose to look at houses in my local area for the houses I was making, this helps relate to me and my surrounding area. I hope this piece would portray the sense of light pollution in a local community and also teach us about constellations and the stars. If the light pollution was reduced we would be able to see these wonderful starts on a clear night. Here are the photos of my card houses along with the photographs I have taken of those places.

17770_1833070286918488_9115531887774919248_n 17770_1833070326918484_1112794487572266654_n 11009176_1833070310251819_8917163552611004787_n 11053167_1833070226918494_2273081535326739783_n 11203009_1833070243585159_5834703296643529596_n 11218848_1833070336918483_5968232216056991144_n 11231860_1833070253585158_4241856729238483575_n 11233261_1833070270251823_8979258669812441989_n 11263101_1833070296918487_2795810053396608892_n 11295692_1833070363585147_6945649491440529182_n 11329779_1833070376918479_6681771010502614974_n 11351410_1833070353585148_7551761872040373777_n


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