Pdp 1000 words from the constellation lectures.

Every lesson I found it useful to write the notes up in my notebook, as I could look upon them and have them as a helpful reminder of the important points. I also wrote about things I found very interesting and things I couldn’t quite understand. Here is my personal feedback on every lesson:

Lesson 1: This lesson I felt was a good introduction to the term selection of after modernism, I enjoy taking notes and find the tutor to enthusiastic towards the subject which makes the subject more appealing, and also he speaks loud and clear and doesn’t use too many long words, which I find more user friendly. I found the reading before the lesson very hard to understand as the writing was very technical for me because I struggle with reading. I lose distraction at the best of times. I felt better about it when I skimmed through the reading and spoke more about it in the lesson. The skill I acquired is note taking which is helpful in any lecture/lesson and would be useful when taking notes in subject workshops. I could also related to the abstract expressionism because I am creating abstract work in subject and found certain new artists I could research prior to that.

Lesson 2: I enjoyed today’s lesson as the subject was very interesting, I enjoy pop art and I had no idea how consumerism reflected and developed that. My only concern was that the lesson was very long, and I found it very difficult to concentrate and my mind started to wonder. For next lesson I will make sure to bring plenty of water and make a sugary snack to keep my mind active. I like how the group can have a free discussion with Jon and the rest of the class; this is helpful as you get a better understanding of other people’s ideas and opinions of art which can sometimes influence yours. In today’s lesson I developed my discussion and thinking skills which are always a good thing to gain and would benefit me for the essay.

Lesson 3: Today’s lesson was an interesting one, I didn’t know much about fluxus so I came into the lesson with an open mind. I find fluxus to be quite unusual and really random. I enjoyed watching the videos as they kept me entertained and I felt it help me as a learning tool because I find visual things easier to remember. I still really struggle on the reading and it makes me feel frustrated when I can’t understand it. I am a slow reader and get intimidated when the reading is long and technical. I should read more in my free time to develop my language knowledge and how I read, this could benefit my researching skills in subject.

Lesson 4: I found Minimalism to be an interesting movement to discuss as I am not sure if I like the movement, some of the work is good but then some of it is so simplistic that I would fail to call it art in my views but the more I read into minimalism the more I understand how the movement has certain theories into art. It is interesting to discover how art critics write and form their own views on how and what art is considered. I find it hard to remember names so I get some of the theories mixed up. I need to read more about the critic’s theories and possibly watch videos about these.

Lesson 5: In today’s lesson I found it difficult to understand the meaning of conceptualism and what ‘aesthetics’ actually meant and these words were spoken a lot, when I went home I researched the meaning and I was still a bit unsure. I really liked the ready-mades and was helpful when I looked at the YouTube link which spoke about these. It helped me with the understanding of the movements.

Lesson 6: I really enjoyed this lesson today as it was interesting to test the things we learnt of the history of the museums in to practice in Cardiff History Museum. It was nice to be on sight and out in the fresh air. I felt I could relate more to the things in real life than 2D on the board. This will be helpful in next time visiting a museum how we can tell what the artwork will be like due to the architecture of the museum itself.

Essay Planning: The Essay question I chose to look at and answer was “How did the Notion of what painting is change during the 1960’s? (Name Two Movements)”. Firstly I chose to look at my notes from the sessions in Constellations. I rewrote out my notes and tried to form sentences and paragraphs from them. I also took more notes from the power-points from the sessions. I then looked up some books which contained the two movements I chose which were Abstract Expressionism and Minimalism. I started writing on sticky notes some useful quotes which I could reference. I find this useful and helpful for memory as I struggle with my memory. I find it easier to write stuff down on paper than type stuff out because it seems to stick in my memory. My written notes were all jumbled around so when I had to type them up I had to reword them.

For the first term as I found it confusing to what was going on and why we needed to attend the lectures, but I did however enjoy some of the key skills lessons as I found these helpful in writing the essay. I was disappointed in my feedback from my ‘Baby Cage’ essay and would have benefited from an average grade and maybe more useful feedback. The second term has definitely been better as I enjoyed the lessons and found them engaging. Overall I found constellations to be a good and useful thing.


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