La Perdrix

20150426_122145 20150426_14572820150426_145751

For the next task we had to 3D model one of our fellow students heads out to clay, making sure the neck and the shoulders sit right first before building up. I found this task really interesting as I had never done anything like it before and it was a challenge. Here are some of the photographs of the stages of my making and the end result. It was nice to see everyone getting involved and trying something they had never done before.


Here some additional photos from the trip of the beautiful animals and the scenery. I really enjoyed the trip and would love to go back. I had never made so much in a week whilst I was over there. Making every day was fun and so inspiring.

20150421_230214  20150422_111752 20150423_105544 20150424_10075420150425_121113 20150425_12112220150427_225948 20150428_10014420150425_182731 20150424_185815 20150427_112908 20150427_212154 20150422_063602


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