La Perdrix

In La Perdrix it was lovely to spend time on the potter wheel. I had 1 induction before so it was good to experience that more depth and have lots of practice. It was interesting to see the different way the tutors took the wheel. I found it hard to grasp but we were using the heavy grained clay and it was a bit more difficult to turn, next time I would use terracotta or some sort of softer clay. After much practice I made a bowl all on my own, it was a little wonky but it was nice to see it glazed and ready to be served on a table. When glazing I used the wild poppies in the garden as inspiration, I used under glaze then added clear glaze on the top then it went into the raku firing.

20150422_18243620150422_114817  20150426_190259 20150426_190303

Raku firing was something I had never done before so it was exciting to see and create some really lovely outcomes. For our table settings we had to glaze all the work and fire it that morning, we had a chance to do some tests and see what sorts of glazes and techniques to use on the final place setting.

20150426_171832 20150426_172045 20150426_172105

Here are some of the photos of the glazing process and some outcomes.

20150426_153038 20150426_153055 20150426_175516 20150426_175623 20150427_104707 20150427_110019 20150427_110030

Here was our final products on the night, it was great to see the final table setting and actually being able to eat off something you made a few days ago I found to be amazing. It inspired me to make all my plates and bowls at home.

20150427_213806 20150427_213813


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