La Perdrix

Last week I went on a trip to La Perdrix in France, for a cultural and creative week. Here are some photographs of my work and the surrounding area. It was a very beautiful area and I went on to develop lots of knowledge with the ceramic materials and techniques. We were given two projects when we were over there and they were fun to do and the outcomes were great.

The first project was to create a table setting using inspiration from an artist in groups. In my group there was Alice, Gemma and Sarah.

We all had to create:-Canapé dish-Shot glass-drinking vessel-wine glass-starter dish-Mains Dish-Dessert dish- Also we had to cook the mains on the night relating to the artists inspiration. We all decided to look at Georgia O’Keeffe work as she was interesting to look at because of the combination of close up flowers and skulls with various shapes and colours. We started to draw out some possible ideas.

download images music-pink-and-blue-ii

20150429_163502 20150429_163508 20150429_163513 20150429_163523

We were interested in the organic forms and the contrasting colours. For the first day we had to make some samples of what the end product could look like and here was my sample of what the drinking vessel could look like. Using clay I made a pinch pot and added skull like features on to the side of the vessel, I also added a spout on the back so it could make it easy pouring.

20150422_174438 20150422_174432 20150422_174436


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