Essay Planning and Process of Writing

The Essay question I chose to look at and answer was “How did the Notion of what painting is change during the 1960’s? (Name Two Movements)”. Firstly I chose to look at my notes from the sessions in Constellations. I rewrote out my notes and tried to form sentences and paragraphs from them. I also took more notes from the power-points from the sessions. I then looked up some books which contained the two movements I chose which was Abstract Expressionism and Minimalism. I am interested in both these movements so it will be easier to write about them.



I started writing on sticky notes some useful quotes which I could reference. I find this useful and helpful for memory as I struggle with my memory. Bellow are some notes I wrote out first before transferring them onto the word document. I find it easier to write stuff down on paper than type stuff out because it seems to stick in my memory. Here are some of my written notes, they are jumbled around so when I had to type them up I had to reword them.

11173548_10203784200354744_601450223_n 11157926_10203784200714753_342874922_n 11156878_10203784200594750_1319506138_n 11103847_10203784200474747_943714727_n

I am in the middle of writing the important points and seeing if I can fit everything in. I think the hardest bit about writing an essay is the amount of words because I tend to go over the word count because I tend to repeat myself and blab on. Also I find it quite difficult using more professional words. I will be proof reading my essay a few times to remove repeated bits out and altering certain words to make them sound more professional. The plan was to have 100 words for the introduction, 1000 words each for the two movements and then 400 words for the conclusion but we will have to see how this pans out when I create my first draft.



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