Continuation Of The Card Houses Based On My Local Area

Here are some more card models I have been creating during the Easter break. I have made seven in total and I hope to make around 12 so I could create a numerical circle. I used the clock as the idea of being a perfect round and with 12 hours in total, If this doesn’t work out I can hopefully make more or take some out depending on size and how they all fit together. The more houses I make the more I am getting used to the card and the average sizes and shapes. I am enjoying recreating the houses in my local area and seeing them come to life from the card and along to my desk is quite remarkable. I have stuck with the theme of only cutting out door/windows and emphasising on the window/door frames, this in a way doesn’t make the piece to detailed and takes the emphasis out of the circular star constellations on the back.


11158151_10203784199234716_342700020_n 11102037_10203784199274717_726429085_n 11101768_10203784199514723_2027716610_n

11117456_10203784199994735_993460461_n 11087389_10203784198514698_1050674336_n 961724_10203784198314693_1652373431_n



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