My Presentation Slides.

For our group project for field we needed to make a presentation to show our idea and how we were going to undertake the project. As a group we were given roles to split the presentation up and give us chance to all speak.

Laura-textile samples/Laura Thompson research.

Moriam-Illustrations, Initial ideas.

Tim- Solar glass, Stained solar glass.

Sam-History of stained glass,material tests.

Here are my two slides along with the notes I will be saying in the presentation.


We researched the traditional materials used in stained glass making which was, glass coloured by adding metallic salts, during its manufacture which is then held together by strips of lead supported by a frame. These windows were used for churches and other significant buildings.


Here are the samples we made for material tests. Because the limited time and lack of material, we were unable to make a full sized traditional stained glass window, so we experimented with smaller glass samples and glass paint. We also made sample using coloured acetate which we then drew on top of. Both samples were effective but they had its limitations, so we settled on using perspex with glass paint as the perspex was stronger and more durable than glass and the paints had a similar effect of stained glass.


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