Final Stained Glass Sample

Here is our final stained glass sample on perspex painted with glass paints. We needed to water down the glass paints to make the coats thinner and more transparent. The outcome looks really good and as a group we are all really pleased with it. We used Moriam’s drawings and simply painted over the top to make sure we included all the necessary elements. Here are the results through photographs.

11080979_10203624815210215_6640730816494838690_n 10981739_10203624814690202_8758463665722129175_n 10168184_10203624812010135_8281173642313860298_n 10947319_10203624815050211_1778505255244793652_n 11047952_10203624809810080_7725629579207975262_n 11067652_10203624811170114_459390045463970512_n 11082514_10203624811650126_2179607817409463393_n 10996057_10203624811410120_6724945417186129116_n 10408927_10203624809930083_5398983295741869792_n 10348392_10203624810530098_6240494037225677326_n 10314743_10203624810250091_3350903358898088265_n


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