Photos Of Interesting Buildings In And Around Pontyclun

I decided to base the card houses for my light pollution houses around buildings in my local area so I can have a sense of detail and familiarity to them. Here are some photographs I have taken around Pontyclun. I will base my card houses of these as a test and see where how well it works.

11039357_10203593695272236_29931744_n 11063035_10203593694712222_824336189_n 11063051_10203593694952228_473672916_n 11063156_10203593694912227_1796059110_n 11077857_10203593695152233_1978356536_n 11079337_10203593694512217_1191364098_n 11079687_10203593695232235_1946985707_n 11081404_10203593695352238_214248592_n 11082870_10203593694752223_2087774127_n


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